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First Home Buyers


First Home Buyers are another main part of our work at Rivendell Finance. We help many first home buyers with their first property purchase both in residential and rural areas of ACT and NSW. 

Purchasing your first home can be overwhelming. At Rivendell Finance, we guide you step by step, take the complexity and stress out of the process and even have fun along the way!

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There are a few options when purchasing your first home:

  • First Home Buyers Low Deposit Scheme (a scheme currently available), whereby you can secure your first home with a 5% deposit, whereby the government guarantees the remaining 15% of the loan to avoid expensive Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • Family Guarantee – these can be very helpful to avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance if you don’t qualify for a scheme, as this can have the same outcome, by using part of a family member’s equity in their home as security in lieu of a full 20% deposit
  • Outright purchase without a scheme or guarantee – there are plenty of lenders looking to help first home buyers who may not qualify for the above two options and some even provide discounted Lenders Mortgage Insurance and other incentives

Whichever option you choose, we can help make your dream of owning your first home come true.

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